Hello Again...I'm Back!!

Hi my lovely nail buddies,

Welcome back to my blog!! I know it's been a while but I have been focused on getting my Youtube Channel really going and dealing with my health issues.

So since I last posted soooooo much has happened - in my personal life I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I am still trying to get that managed so I'm still not working... However I have accepted that is going to be the case for a while so I am throwing myself into my Youtube channel and getting back blogging where I can share some slightly different things - I've 'Rebranded'

So what can you expect from me on my blog in 2018......

I am getting back into the world of acrylic nails and trying different brands and lots of new design ideas.

I am a Brand Ambassador for Chameleon Glitter (link below) so lots of sparkly nails and using these glitters with gel polish & acrylic, also step by steps.

Along with Chameleon Glitter I use and help promote Glitter Planet (link below) so there will …

Vegan Beauty Cosmetics - Galaxy Like Glitter Collection

*PR Sample*
Hi Everyone,
I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged...I have been focussing on my youtube channel a lot recently but thought it was time I wrote another post.

I was very honoured to be chosen by Effiena of Vegan Beauty Cosmetics to swatch her new polish collection - Galaxy Like Glitter. This collection is made up of 4 polishes that can be built up to full coverage or can be used as a topper over a base colour which can again be built up to your preference.

I have swatched these over black and then each one over another colour. All my pictures show 1 coat of the base colour, 2 coats of the glitter and top coat. I will give all my opinions of these polishes at the end.
Purple Haze - this is an Indigo/Blue/Fuchsia glitter with a touch of gold - in these pictures the blue comes out more but there is definitely a purple tone in other lights.

 Here I have swatched over a dusky purple colour.

Golden Earth - a Green/Gold/Silver glitter (I love this one so m…

Uberchic Collection 19 Swatches & Review


Hey Guys,

Annette of Rainbow Connection very kindly sent me the new Uberchic plate collection that has released today (7th July) so obviously I had to do my usual and have some fun with it!

Uberchic collections always impress me and I feel they are great value for money - because for £21.99 you get 3 plates full of so many images in a variety of sizes so the there is heaps of potential nail art looks.
You get full nail images, large images, the small individual ones for accent nails and the very latest layered images so 1 collection can create more looks than I can possible count!!

So when I got this collection my head was buzzing with ideas the 1st plate is full of great summer images including lots of layering ones and the other 2 have the biggest variety of patterns and things including some of my favourite negative space images I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do 1st!!

Here is collection 19 -

So to get things started I have just a few swatches from each plat…