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Cmhandmadeuk Swatches

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of polishes from cmhandmadeuk for swatching. These were my 1st polishes from this UK indie brand but I can definitely say they won't be my last.

I was sent a gorgeous unnamed pink holo with bigger dark pink glitter particles and a stunning deep holo blue called Jak (I'm a suckered for a good blue)

1st the pink, I was really impressed with the coverage of this from just 1 coat but as always it has to be 2 coats. The best way for me to describe this polish is like real strawberry ice cream with little strawberry pieces - that's what I thought of the minute I was it. It's hard to pick up the holo in this picture but it's definitely there!

Now on to Jak well this is even more stunning on the nail. Again has great coverage from 1 coat but after 2 it is a real dark blue packed with holoness (is that a word?!) It's not really a smooth finish but after a top coat you don't even notice. I seriously couldn't stop watching it…

Homemade Sheer Tints

Hi everyone it's finally here my 1st post!

I'm going to share with you how I made my own sheer tint polishes. Although you can get these from opi, sally hansen and some indie brands so far I haven't managed to find colours I like so decided to have a go at making my own.
Sheer Tints are great for nail art especially as a base for stamping or to colour in an image and in my opinion a must have for any nail addict!

I got some clear nail polish from eBay £2.99 +99p postage for 6 - I love these heart bottles!

I then used polishes from my models own collection. I wanted to make sure I had a blue, yellow, orange, green, pink and purple so the polish for tans and festival collections were perfect for this.

I put 5 drops of polish in to get the shade I wanted but you can play around with this. It looks like it's never going to make a tint but give it a good shake and job done!

They look a bit cloudy in the bottle but are perfect on the nail.

I did a few swatch sticks to try th…