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Paint The Rainbow - The 1st box

Hello Lovelies.

So on Wednesday I sat at home patiently awaiting the arrival of the 1st ever Paint the Rainbow box the UKs first monthly indie nail box. I was starting to give up hope of it arriving but finally the doorbell rang and I rushed to answer it like a kid at christmas.

I was straight into it and my 1st impressions were WOW!
and as I opened the bubble wrap to reveal the polishes more WOW!

So the theme of the box was favourite album covers and it included 3 brands I hadn't tried before so I couldn't wait to get swatching - So here we go!

1st up a brand that I already know and love Lilypad Lacquer based on Katy Perrys Teenage Dreams and called Teenage Dreams -
This is a Lilac Holo with Blue Flecks - the holo has a rose gold look to it. This was fast drying and got perfect coverage in 2 coats. Its a really pretty girly colour.

Now a new brand to me Dark Metal Lacquer inspired by Nightwish Oceanborn also called Oceanborn.
This is a royal purple holo. It had perfect covera…

CBL Fall 2015

Hello Lovely Ladies.

Now I am going to hold my hands up now and say "I am a Nail Addict!" This week I have received a lot of polish and I'm already planning my next lot of orders!!!

But when I show you what I got you will all understand why.
My favourite Indie brand released its latest collection on good old Rainbow Connection on Saturday and after a lot of time debating which 3 i would get - I was only allowing myself 3, I settled on 5 (there may have been wine involved!) and a top coat.

So here they are -

Rare Orchid -
This is a purple/pink holo - my sister said Raspberry. It dries slightly matte but is supper shiny with a top coat.

Rain -
A bright blue holo - I think peacock or cobalt blue. This is the same finish as Rare Orchid so I definitely recommend a top coat.
Memories of You -  A silver/grey holo with a pink undertone. This made me think of a misty winters morning. Again it has the same finish as the 1st 2 so top coat!
The Fallen -  A pinky, purply, redy jelly …

Cupcake Polish - Las Vegas Showgirl Collection

Hello Nail Fanatics.

As you probably learnt from my last post I am a big fan of the online shop Rainbow Connection and it is definitely the source of a lot of my polish collection especially some of my much love indie.

In my last couple of orders I received some of the new Cupcake Polish Collection and I am going to share my swatches with you today.

But first a bit about Cupcake Polish - They are a US based Indie Polish maker making hand mixed 3-free polishes in the most stunning glitter and holo finishes.

So here are the polishes I swatched -

First up we have Copa Girls -
This has to be one of the most stunning purple polishes I have seen with micro holo glitter in blue purple and red and silver flakies it really is beautiful.

Next is Foiles Bergere -
This is a gunmetal black/grey again with micro holo glitters in rainbow colours and silver flakies - another stunner in my opinion.

And finally Bluebell Girls
This blue is shot through with micro holo glitters in blues, greens and teals…

Lilypad Lacquer Exclusives from Rainbow Connection

Hi Nail Addicts

My post today is all about my latest haul from Rainbow Connection. I have zero self control when it comes to new pretties on RC especially when its a brand I know and love!

My newest haul contains 4 Lilypad Lacquers which are exclusive to the shop. I have been a fan of Lilypad for a while now so was very excited to learn RC would be stocking them son at 8pm on the release day I was there ready to get my goodies - all us RC addicts are the same!!!

So here are my new beauties -

Obviously I couldn't wait to get swatching and thats what you all want to see!!

So first we have Not Pink -

Its definitely a pink! A hot pink shot through with a blue shimmer and fine holo glitter - a must have for all you pink ladies

Next is Grape Aid -

Now I would call this a royal purple - think crown jewels and its shot through with a red and blue holo. I nearly didn't get this one but I'm really glad the wine persuaded me to!!!

Then we have Violet Beauregarde -
Personally I think …

Freckles Nail Mail

Hi Everyone.

First I must apologise I have been a really bad blogger lately but I have had my holiday, my computer is now fixed and I am back and I have lots of things planned.

Today I am sharing with you some nail mail I received while I was on holiday.

These gorgeous holo neons from Freckles Polish which is a UK indie brand.

I had been after these for a while and Julieann very kindly made me a set of minis.

So here are my swatches -

1st up is this pretty pnky/red holo called Stilettos -

Then we have the purple which is called Shellsuit Superstar -

(I love this one!)
Next is this neon yellow called Scrunchies - 

And finally and I think my favourite is the green called Pogo Stick - 
(Yep definitely my favourite!)
So there are my swatches. All of these were 2 coats with a top coat and the top coat definitely brought out all the holoy goodness! If you haven't tried Freckles Polish before I 100% recommend that you do as its important to support our UK Indies. Here is the link to thei…